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  RosePortal Games is a family company that specializes in creating fun and imaginative Role Playing Games and adventure games for children and adults alike. Our first game -- Whisper of a Rose -- was released in 2009. Before that, the founder, Aaron van der Brugge, had been creating popular RPGs since 2003.

We love to dream at RosePortal Games. And we believe that games are not just a means of great enjoyment, but should also carry a message and have artistic merit. By combining the fantastical element of dreams with our work, we produce fresh and imaginative games.

We stay true to the classic elements of RPGs (vast lands to explore, exciting gameplay and puzzling quests) while adding a certain magic touch that makes the games so unique. We also take great pride in our graphics, touching storylines and innovative designs.

We hope that you will enjoy the games! For support, exchanging tales and tricks and more, you can visit the community message boards.

To follow the latest updates on RosePortal Games and its products, you can follow the official Facebook.

Or contact us at We would love to hear from you!

Thank you for your continued support.

With love,

Aaron van der Brugge
Founder of RosePortal Games


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